The Child of Libya - A Short Story

Not a true story or anything. Just something that kind of shows what kind of an event is taking place in Libya. A civil war which has engulfed the country in its flames, and destroyed many families.
To read the story, click on the "Check it out" button! :)

Painting #1

Ehh just started painting! :) I am glad that I finally did a good painting. Otherwise, I usually suck at painting and can only sketch! :)
Need to change that =}

Lockheed Martin - An Evil Entity? I think not

Recently, I saw these few Twitter users complaining on how evil Lockheed Martin was for creating weapons used for killing innocent people.

Well, I think that these people should actually stop thinking like a typical stereotype and get out of the box for once. To my every comment was the same reply "Go do some research" and stuff like "Not creating a company that creates killing machines"

First of all, the very first thing needed to be done, is for these people to actually do some research of their and then whine about Lockheed Martin later on. Let me clear the point of "creation of a killing company"

1) First point, Lockheed Martin is a primarily aerospace, security and defense contractor. The fact that it is a military contractor comes in the security and defense phase.

2) They were NEVER created for the destruction of civilians or anything! Lockheed Corp, and Martin Marietta were two different companies. Lockheed started making airplanes, and due to a good contract made airplanes for the US and British Royal Air Force during the World War II, and before. Had you not had them, you would probably having a more wicked world out there; not that it is not wicked atm, but it would be more and more cruel and corrupt.
On the other hand, Martin Marietta was more of a chemical and aerospace company.

So yes, you are dumb (twitter users) and you just ignorantly rant about military without actually reading the history for yourself. You base your arguments on only facts, while not giving 2 cents about the history. Seriously, shame on you.

Alright, so this fact guy says on Twitter:

Lockheed Martin produces $32 billion worth of weapons each year that mainly kill civilians in impoverished nations.
Well, if you base your argument on 1 fact, I could surely share a few of my own. Courtesy Lockheed Martin website (which you never read on the first hand, cause ur naive)

  • $18.5M in charitable giving to the United Way and Charities of Choice campaigns in 2009
  • $2.54M to colleges and universities in 2008 matched by $2.54M from the Lockheed Martin Foundation in 2009
  • $1.09M to the Lockheed Martin Employee Disaster Relief Fund in 2009

Here is a fact for u:
  • Lockheed Martin donates $24 million annually.
50% of which goes to Education, and on other important things! They provide the homeless with shelter, they provide the hungry with food! Not only that, but the company employees nearly 200,000 employees!

So, before actually saying Lockheed Martin is satanic or so. Give the facts a read first, before actually jumping to conclusions.
Remember, Maijuana was created for medical purposes. Just cause some people use it to get high, doesn't mean that the farmers are evil for planting a drug. They planted it so that it could be used as a medicine. Its the user who is at fault. Likewise, Lockheed creates weapons on orders for defense and security.

What happens after that, and how they are used is a different story of a different time line.

Music - An Important Part of Life?

I am sure most of you must have already heard of the quote:

Music is the heart of our soul
 Well, to be honest. I very much agree with it. Not only that, but music plays a role in each and every aspect of our life. From our education, to social life. Just think about it, give it a moment of thought - have you not ever been told "oh I wish that book was a song so that you could memorize it like the other songs you've learned by heart!"

I am pretty sure you have heard it countless times, if not being told to yourself, maybe to someone else.

There are so many people out there who learn better if the thing being taught is in the form of music. Even if not, if its in the form of a music format, such as an .mp3 format? Lets say, umm an Audio Book of "Learning German".

Music really plays an important part there. But to be honest, I've seen it play an even greater role in social life. Lets take an example:

"Your bored, and lazy. Your listening to one depression song, lets say its this one: (nice song, but slow and depressing): Audiomachine - Legacy (Sad)"
Result: You'll be even more bored and depressed cause the song is really not fueling, or pumping you up. It's not inspiring you, or anything of that sort.

However, if you are listening to a song like this: Cobra Starship: #1Nite - the beats, are probably gonna pump you up and you'll be rolling in a trance. Any other hard-core rap song will make your hair stand up, and make those blood cells jump up and down as if it were a concert, LOL

Random Babble...

Urm,, these days are pretty boring. There is really not much to do here or there even..I am just randomly wasting my time on the Internet, and now I am wasting it writing this post, lool !

I am seriously just browsing around the Internet, for music..and watching movies all day long. Its pretty boring. The holidays WERE supposed to be like helluva fun, but guess not! Meh!

I am also trying this software out, called Ablenton Live 8? It's kind of like a music software..I decided to like try the trial out after I was inspired with Dubstep music and I saw a few tutorials on YouTube on how to make them with this yeah, I am doing that too these days...though its pretty boring as I really can't understand these complex softwares..I wish they were all made like Adobe Photoshop (oh wait..that wasn't easy at first too! :P)

I am also looking over the Internet at random photographs, especially on deviantART and Behance.Kind of like so that I get inspired to take new photographs..I am pretty much bored, and thus I am not doing photography either..totally sucks! ):

As The Witch Cried - A Short Story

It seems that short stories are something I am getting addicted to, so here goes another:

The people of Nahavish get ready to burn the witch which was caught earlier on. Read on ahead to know what happens

Story after the jump! Read ahead! ;)

My thoughts On Transformers 3

These views are solely mine. I am sure there are many of you who think the movie was amazing, and there are some who think it was totally yeah, lol

Anyways, let me rate the movie first and I'll let you know what I thought about it:

  1. Graphics: 9  / 10
  2. Plot/Story : 5 / 10
  3. Actors : 8 / 10
  4. Music: 8.5 / 10

The Raid - A Very Short Story

I love blogging, so its very clear that I love English too - and I've always tried to ensure that it stays in a good position. So here goes a short story to keep my skills sharp! ;)

Team 6 get ready to storm the bunker and rescue the hostages, which have been hold up inside by an unknown militant cell.
Story after the jump:

About Me

It would definitely suck if this blog goes on being popular and you don't know me right? Oh wait, what! U say it ain't even known! Well, your still going to know about me, so #biteme

Name: Steve Jobs Humza Mehbub ( lol)
D.O.B: 7th Dec
Occupation: Student, freelance journalist / blogger
Can I haz your Twitter? @humzamehbub (Don't stalk me =_=)

Yeah yeah, so I work for a few blogs and make pocket-money out of it. big deal! Anyone can do that to be just need to be writing stuff the good way and posting it in the right places and you never know when Mrs. Opportunity might knock on your door...psst, she don't like tea! D: what will we be doing on this blog..


Oh I know..blogging? Duh! No seriously, I'll just blog about random stuff, what I see, random thoughts, opinions, reviews..meh! What not! I'd love to see the opinion of other people too. Its like if we start a debate we get some of the air clear and reach a step closer to World Peace? (Do i get a Nobel prize now?) :D

Haha, so yeah..just your average Joe blog you know...Read on! ;)